LAuRA - Powered by PAT

Harnessing the inherent properties of plasmonics to enable remarkable detection capabilities

What is the LAuRA platform?

A high-sensitivity rapid detection platform powered by PAT

The LAuRA Digital Detection platform combines the speed and simplicity of current rapid lateral flow assays with the sensitivity and quantitation of microtiter plate assays. Specifically, LAuRA delivers laboratory quality results equivalent to gold standard ELISAs in minutes rather than hours.

LAuRA is deployable either as a stand-alone or portable POC platform where an operator can test samples collected in real-time at various source points.

The LAuRA platform is simple, compact and easy to use. It is also highly amenable to flexible designs ranging from miniaturized handhelds to small benchtop systems or larger lab-based throughput systems.

The LAuRA POC System is a benchtop cartridge & reader system designed for fast, simple and precise testing at the point of need.

The LAuRA Digital Detection Platform,
powered by PAT

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The LAuRA POC System
Simple - Fast - Sensitive

The LAuRA POC System combines the convenience and speed of lateral flow tests with the precision and sensitivity of lab-based ELISA tests

Collect sample

The LAuRA POC System is compatible with blood, serum, plasma, urine, saliva, nasal fluid and other types of complex media.

Add to cartridge

Disposable sensor cartridge relies on simple capillarity to move the sample liquid to the sensor chamber.

Insert in reader

Simple digital reader takes images at the start and end of the test. No moving parts, pumps or temperature controls are required.

Reader performs analysis

Proprietary algorithms analyze the sensor images and callibrate the data.

Results in 15 minutes or less

Results are displayed on the reader and can be transmitted as needed.

PAT - Plasmonic Amplification Technology

What is PAT? Image

Plasmonic Amplification Technology™ (PAT™) is a “double amplification system” that leverages the inherent properties of nano-based plasmonics enabling quantitative limits of detection more than 100 times greater than those achievable with current lateral flow based systems.

LamdaGen’s nano-structured thin-film sensors have a plasmonically active surface with an extremely short sensing range. When targets bind to the sensor surface, the surface changes color, greatly amplifying the signal. 

In an immunoassay, a proprietary moiety-conjugate interacts with the sensor surface creating a powerful SECOND amplification

This “double amplification” is called PAT – Plasmonic Amplification Technology – which is capable of high sensitivity detection. In addition, the short plasmonic sensing range eliminates the need for a wash step, greatly simplifying assay workflow.

The LAuRA Digital Detection Platform,
powered by PAT

Learn more about how LAuRA powered by PAT enables high sensitivity detection with the speed and precision to transform and improve rapid testing.

About LamdaGen’s Sensors


Easily manufactured and scalable


Highly reproducible and stable


Grown at ambient temperature


Compatible with a wide range of surfaces


Adaptable to many form factors


Easily multiplexed for multiple targets


Low cost

LamdaGen’s Plasmonic Biosensors

Continuous metallic thin-film plasmonic sensors

LamdaGen’s patented nano-structured thin-film sensors are made using pure gold. The sensors are grown at the angstrom level allowing exquisite control over their architecture and reproducibility. This nano-process produces plasmonic sensors that are burgundy in color.

The sensor acts as a smart signal transducer, possessing significant amplification properties. A robust surface color change occurs when a target biomolecule binds to the sensor surface. 

The sensor surface has an extremely short sensing range (~30nm) which makes it blind to molecules outside of the range. This remarkably short sensing range makes the system highly amenable to a variety of complex media including biological fluids.

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