Bringing LSPR Nanotechnology to In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences

LamdaGen has developed a digital LSPR nanotechnology detection platform that enables diagnostic sensitivities and precise quantitation at levels far beyond the expected. Our patented nano-structured Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance technology (LSPR nanotechnology) produces highly robust biosensors in the form of metallic thin films that exhibit remarkable diagnostic detection capabilities into the mid-femtomolar range.

The Company’s digital diagnostic technology enables decentralized acute care testing at the point of need and is compatible with any biomarker, including newly identified low-abundance ones for stroke, heart attack, cancer, neurodegenerative and  infectious disease.

Chart above illustrates LamdaGen’s diagnostic performance compared to ELISA and Lateral Flow.


Diagnostic multi-panel fluidic LSPR chip

Enabling ultra-sensitive, rapid and precisely quantitative POC and mobile diagnostics

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Digital Diagnostics

LamdaGen’s Digital LSPR Diagnostic System is ideal for enabling high sensitivity, quantitative POC, mobile and/or handheld rapid testing.

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LightPath™ S4

LamdaGen’s LightPath S4 system performs highly sensitive label-free, real-time monitoring and characterization of biomolecular interactions.

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LSPR Biosensors

LamdaGen’s metallic thin-film LSPR-based Optical Biosensors for research and development in the areas of Life Science and Cleantech.

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News & Literature

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