Enabling Powerful POC and Mobile Diagnostics

There is a significant need for highly sensitive mobile diagnostics that can be performed closer to the patient at point of care, e.g., decentralized diagnostics. To meet this need, LamdaGen has developed a category-defining digital diagnostic platform that enables significant performance advantages over central laboratory testing relative to speed, high sensitivity, precise quantitation and importantly – mobility.

LamdaGen’s L’AuRa technology enables powerful adaptive mobile diagnostic systems that are simple, compact and cost effective. L’AuRa’s game-changing diagnostic platform provides our partners with robust testing systems that offer:

  • Competitive advantages
  • Deeper market penetration and new market entry
  • Accelerated growth

L’AuRa couples its proprietary digital detection with its nano-based biosensors to enable diagnostics systems with high sensitivity, precise quantitation and rapid performance in truly mobile or POC formats.

L'AuRa digital is a high sensitivity system delivering rapid, quantitative results

Chart above illustrates L’AuRa digital diagnostic performance in terms of time and sensitivity vs. ELISA and Lateral Flow Assays

LamdGen’s Micro-8 nano-based LSPR biosensors for multiplexed rapid and precise diagnostics

LamdGen’s Micro-8 nano-based biosensors for multiplexed targets


L’AuRa Digital Diagnostics

The L’AuRa diagnostic system is ideal for enabling high sensitivity, quantitative POC, mobile rapid testing.

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LSPR Biosensors

LamdaGen’s metallic thin-film LSPR-based Optical Biosensors for research and development in the areas of Life Science and Cleantech.

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