Rapid, High-Sensitivity Point of Care Testing for Infectious Disease

LamdaGen develops and commercializes innovative disease detection technologies wherever and whenever they are needed. We do this by focusing on providing point of care diagnostics that are fast, sensitive, easy to use and available for patients globally.

The Company is a technology-based holding company, with a proven and proprietary technology – the LAuRA Digital Diagnostic Platform. Initial commercialization of the LAuRA platform will be in infectious disease point of care (POC) diagnostics.

The LAuRA platform, powered by Plasmonic Amplification Technology (PAT) is an immuno-based diagnostic system that delivers rapid high-sensitivity detection. Early applications for infectious disease POC testing have been developed and are moving into commercialization.

LAuRA’s proprietary PAT technology is easily integrated into designs ranging from miniaturized handhelds to small portable desktops to lab-based throughput systems.

With a serial spin-off strategy, LamdaGen will subsequently deploy its diagnostic technologies into other sectors.

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LAuRa Digital Diagnostics

The LAuRa diagnostic system is ideal for enabling high sensitivity, quantitative POC, mobile rapid testing.

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Plasmonic Biosensors

LamdaGen’s nano-structured biosensors possess unique properties ideal for rapid diagnostics

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