Bringing LSPR Nanotechnology to In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences

LamdaGen has developed a digital LSPR nanotechnology detection platform that enables diagnostic sensitivities and precise quantitation at levels far beyond the expected. Our patented nano-structured Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance technology (LSPR nanotechnology) produces highly robust biosensors in the form of metallic thin films that exhibit remarkable diagnostic detection capabilities into the low femtomolar range.

LamdaGen’s Plasmonic Platform technologies facilitate diagnostic detection limits into the low femtomolar range, multiple logs more sensitive than conventional ELISA.

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Diagnostic multi-panel fluidic LSPR chip

Enabling ultra-sensitive, rapid and precisely quantitative In Vitro Diagnostics

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Plasmonic ELISA™

Ideally suited for In-Vitro and POC diagnostic systems, LamdaGen’s Plasmonic ELISA platform is precise, highly sensitive and rapid.

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LightPath™ S4

LamdaGen’s LightPath S4 system performs highly sensitive label-free, real-time monitoring and characterization of biomolecular interactions.

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LSPR Biosensors

LamdaGen’s metallic thin-film LSPR-based Optical Biosensors for research and development in the areas of Life Science and Cleantech.

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