About Us

LamdaGen is a Silicon Valley technology holding company with a serial spin-off business model. The heart of the Company’s technology is its patented nano-based plasmonic biosensors. These biosensors enable powerful point of use diagnostic/detection systems applicable to several sectors including Human Health, Food & Water Safety, Animal Health, Environmental Health and Bioprocessing.

The Company’s core platform is the LAuRA Digital Detection platform – a digital immuno-platform that combines the high sensitivity and precision of ELISA with the simplicity and speed of lateral flow assays (LFA). The patented platform is powered by LamdaGen’s Plasmonic Amplification Technology (PAT). PAT enables robust detection and diagnostic testing that is fast, simple, compact and cost effective with no moving parts.

LAuRA, powered by PAT is highly amenable to miniaturization and designs ranging from small handhelds to desktops to lab based throughput systems, each providing powerful performance advantages over existing detection systems.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, LamdaGen’s flexible business model includes strategic alliances and licensing to companies.

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For information, please email:  4info@lamdagen.com

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