LamdaGen’s LSPR-based Plasmonic Biosensors vs. Gold Colloids and other optical technologies: The Sensing Range & Quality Factor

The aim of this brief is to provide a description of the optical properties of LamdaGen’s gold plasmonic sensor surfaces and compare them with the optical properties of gold (Au) colloids. As we will show, the plasmonic films are superior to gold colloidal solutions for biosensing. In fact, the optical properties of the plasmonic films match those of single Au nano-rods, one of the most sensitive techniques for biosensing as interrogated a single particle at a time. While biosensing at the single molecule level poses enormous challenges commercially, the patented manufacturing process of the company’s continuous nano-structured thin-films is highly reproducible, scalable and economic. Thus, the plasmonic films bring the benefits of the nanoscopic world into the commercial realm.