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Label-Free & Labeled Technology for Protein Characterization and Quantitation

Sep 1, 2010
By: Daniele Gerion, Gwo-Jen Day
BioPharm International
Volume 23, Issue 9

We present a new label-free platform for protein characterization and quantitation based upon Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance or LSPR on a nanostructured metallic film. With recent advancements in manufacturing techniques, reproducibility of nanostructured thin films has allowed the transition of LSPR from purely academic interest into the first commercialization of systems for practical use in research, bioprocess and diagnostic applications. Similar to gold colloidal solutions, the nanostructured gold films exhibit a distinct color due to the preferential absorption of certain wavelengths within the spectrum of a white light. The color of the film changes as biomolecules or other chemicals come into contact with the LSPR surface, enabling precise and sensitive quantitation of biomolecular interactions. This article reviews the sensitivity and dynamic range of LSPR, which is achieved at a fraction of the cost and with higher throughput than traditional surface plasmon resonance (SPR). It also introduces the technique of amplification of LSPR signals through enzymatic reactions to achieve sensitivities greater and faster than published results for ELISA end-point analyses…

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