LamdaGen Corporation receives Official Notice of Allowance from the Japanese Patent Office for issuance of patent: MOBILE/WEARABLE DEVICES INCORPORATING LSPR SENSORS

MENLO PARK, CA, January 8, 2021—  LamdaGen Corporation, a developer of  plasmonic  biosensor systems for diagnostics, announced the Japanese Patent Office has given Official Notice of Allowance to its patent application entitled MOBILE/WEARABLE DEVICES INCORPORATING LSPR SENSORS which enables high sensitivity and quantitative rapid point of care (POC) diagnostic testing.

LamdaGen’s Plasmonic Amplification Technology (PAT) has been integrated into the company’s LAuRA Digital Diagnostic Platform. The rapid immuno-based POC platform couples the high sensitivity and quantitation of lab-based ELISA tests with the simplicity and speed of lateral flow assays (LFA), thus making it ideal for high sensitivity and mobile POC diagnostic applications.

“This patent is central to the Company’s digital PAT system underscoring LamdaGen’s unique ability to harness the novel characteristics of advanced plasmonics to significantly amplify signal, which enables enhanced detection in rapid diagnostics,” commented Randolph Storer, CEO and co-founder of LamdaGen Corporation. “Coupling our PAT system with mobile devices such as smartphones offers an ideal solution for deploying high sensitivity and rapid disease testing even in the most remote parts of the world.”

LamdaGen has developed a benchtop LAuRA POC diagnostic system, powered by PAT technology, which is advancing into commercialization for infectious disease testing. The PAT technology is also being integrated into easy to use mobile and field solutions aimed at improving convenience and expanding access to high sensitivity and rapid diagnostic testing for both developed and developing countries.  

About LamdaGen Corporation

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