Introducing LAuRA – the result of diligent discovery, state of the art nano-science and a collaborative team penchant for uncompromising precision

Technology Platform for Quantitative, Ultra-Sensitive and Rapid Diagnostics

MENLO PARK, CA, October 26, 2016 – LamdaGen Corporation, a leading developer of diagnostic biosensors, introduced the LAuRA digital platform to meet the requirements of decentralized, patient-centric mobile testing while delivering precision, speed and high sensitivity. LAuRA enables quantitative rapid testing at the point of need and is compatible with any biomarker, including low-abundance ones.

LAuRA enables precision diagnostics outside the walls of the hospital. The system’s micron-sized sensors are easily integrated into small diagnostic Point of Care (POC) and miniaturized handheld systems for rapid quantitative detection and diagnosis. The mobile detection systems are ideal for applications ranging from Human and Companion Animal, Animal Food Stock, Food Safety and consumer-oriented Digital Health.

LAuRA is particularly well suited for remote patient monitoring and settings such as emergency rooms, intensive care units and first responder units, as well as for on-site testing in clinics, urgent care facilities, physician offices or pharmacies.

LAuRA enabled product examples include:

  • Miniaturized handheld single or multiplexed POC devices
  • Small form factor desktop units for more involved clinical needs
  • Powerful quantitative card-sized rapid disposable tests
  • Various forms of diagnostic wearable devices

LAuRA’s plug and play nano-based biosensors enable the detection of complex biological or environmental samples into precise digital data, resulting in new levels of rapid and quantitative diagnostic capabilities.

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