LamdaGen’s Plasmonic Nano-Structured Biosensors

LamdaGen’s nano-based plasmonic biosensors enable rapid and precise detection and quantitation for diagnostics. When integrated into the Company’s LAuRA Digital Diagnostic Platform, they enable detection that is fast, highly sensitive and ideally suited for In-Vitro and POC testing systems. Due to their unique optical proprieties, these plasmonic biosensors can accommodate a broad range of sample types including saliva, nasal swabs, urine and whole blood.

The company’s biosensors leverage the powerful signal enhancement properties of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) for high sensitive detection of bio-targets.

The plasmonic biosensors are ideal for applications such as:

  • Rapid POC testing
  • High-sensitivity detection
  • Quantitative testing
  • Multiplexed systems
  • Mobile or in-home testing

In addition to the company developing infectious disease diagnostics, LamdaGen also licenses its patented biosensors and Plasmonic Amplification System (PAT) to companies for integration into existing diagnostic products and devices, or into advanced detection systems they may have in development.

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