About Us

LamdaGen is a privately held Silicon Valley nano-based technology platform company who is the first to produce commercial LSPR (Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance) products. The products include highly sensitive nano-biosensors and systems for In Vitro Diagnostics, including Central Laboratory and Point of Care mobile testing for human, food safety, companion and farm animal health, as well as consumer-based testing for mHealth applications.

The Company’s digital sensing systems enable powerful IVD, POC and mobile diagnostic systems, facilitating rapid and precise quantitation into the low femtomolar range. The Company licenses its diagnostic sensing technologies on an open architecture basis to companies for integration into their existing diagnostic systems and consumables, or into advanced products in planning or development.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, the Company’s products are based upon its patented nano-based LSPR surface technologies which produce highly robust sensors and sensor chips in the form of metallic thin films – and are the heart of the Company’s L’AuRa Digital Diagnostic Systems.

IVD multipanel microfluidic LSPR nanotech chip

Micro-8 biochip for multiplex targets