About Us

LamdaGen Corporation is a Silicon Valley developer of nano-based biosensors and powerful testing systems.  The Company’s core diagnostic technology is a quantitative digital based immuno-platform that combines the high sensitivity and quantitation of ELISA with the simplicity and speed of lateral flow assays (LFA) to enable rapid and precise detection of diseases, pathogens and contaminants that threaten human health, animal health and food safety.

LamdaGen’s L’AuRa technology provides ELISA level quantitation and limits of detection (LOD’s) in a 15 minute rapid format that significantly outperforms LFA’s. The platform enables robust diagnostic testing that is simple, compact and cost effective with no moving parts. The technology is easily integrated into designs ranging from miniaturized handhelds to small desktop systems to lab based throughput systems, each providing powerful performance advantages over existing point of care (POC) systems.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, LamdaGen’s flexible business model includes strategic alliances and licensing on an open architecture basis to companies for integration into their existing product lines and/or advanced products in development.

We invite you to explore partnering opportunities with us.

For information, please email:  4info@lamdagen.com

Multiplex fluidic LSPR nanotech sensor chip

Micro-8 biochip for multiplex targets