LamdaGen’s nano-based LSPR diagnostic biosensor platform and LightPath™ Systems are being utilized in a variety of applications. To learn more about each application area, and how they can be used, click the links below.

Applications include:

In-Vitro Diagnostics & POC

LamdaGen’s diagnostic Plasmonic ELISA enables central laboratory-grade quantitation for high-sensitivity immunoassays. Plasmonic ELISAs can facilitate diagnostic detection limits into the femtomolar range, nearly four orders of magnitude lower than that of conventional ELISA.

  • Human
  • Veterinary

Label-free Interaction Analysis

LSPR is a valuable tool to address a broad range of label-free applications in various stages of life science research, drug discovery and development, process development, and manufacturing & QC.

The LightPath™ S4 system can be used for analysis for a wide range of label-free protein-protein interactions. Click here Learn More

  • Life Science Research & Drug Discovery
  • Process Development, Manufacturing & QC
  • Contaminent Monitoring

Plasmonics Research

LamdaGen manufactures a variety of functional nanomaterials in the form of independent chips in common sizes and shapes for researchers who wish to work with a highly reproducible nano-structured metallic thin-film. These plasmonic films are not only exceedingly powerful, they also offer unparalled ease of use and economy.

One of many applications: real-time label-free capability and the ability to perform  Plasmonic ELISAs


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