LamdaGen’s LSPR Diagnostic Platform and On-the-Spot Decisions

The future is compelling: a person loads a drop of saliva, tears, urine or blood into a tiny disposable “biochip “cartridge and then inserts it into a miniature mobile device. Minutes later test results are visible while also being instantly uploaded to an App or the Cloud for a Clinician’s analysis and treatment decision.

LamdaGen’s diagnostic sensor systems enable rapid and precise quantitation into the femtomolar range. The Company’s Digital LSPR diagnostic platform is fast, highly sensitive and ideally suited for In-Vitro and POC diagnostic systems. The diagnostic systems also accommodate a broad range of sample types including saliva, tears, urine and blood.

Our diagnostic sensors’ simplicity, low sample volume requirements, sensitivity and speed make them ideal for integration into small mobile diagnostic platforms or existing IVD systems. In addition to being well suited for small mobile systems, the Company’s powerful diagnostic sensor systems also enable practical application across the broad healthcare landscape including central labs, clinics, physician offices, hospitals and homes.

LamdaGen’s LSPR-based Diagnostic Platforms enable:

  • Central lab and POC applications
  • Femtomolar sensitivity
  • Precise quantitation
  • Fifteen minute assay times
  • Single or Multiplexed systems

LamdaGen has developed rapid diagnostic assays demonstrating clinical level feasibility in areas such as:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Infectious disease
  • Cancer 

While LamdaGen is not a diagnostic company, we license our LSPR based sensor technologies to companies for integration into their existing diagnostic systems and devices, or into advanced mobile systems they may have in development.

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