LightPath S4™

Enhance Your Protein Interaction Research with a New Level of Bench-Top Productivity

LamdaGen’s LightPath S4 system performs highly sensitive, label-free, real-time monitoring and analysis of biomolecular binding events. The S4 system integrates advanced optics, proprietary software and powerful nano-structured biosensors in a simple to use, flexible, and economical hands-on platform ideal for rapid assay development, kinetic profiling, sensitive protein quantitation and characterization of protein-ligand interaction.

The LightPath S4 puts power on the bench-top delivering content-rich data that streamlines workflows and generates fast and precise results – even in crude media. The system requires micro-volume samples to generate kinetic profiles, quantitative information, enzyme activity measurements and much more, allowing researchers to make earlier informed decisions.

LamdaGen's LightPath™ Systems and Sensors enable precise characterization of biomolecular, enzymatic and chemical type reactions in real-time.



  • High quality data and rapid results
  • Label-free, real-time
  • Highly reproducible and robust biosensors
  • Kinetic and affinity data
  • Directly analyze targets in complex media
  • Powerful software for data acquisition and analysis


  • Efficient and affordable system
  • Assay development in hours vs. days
  • Eliminate purification steps
  • Broad dynamic range reduces dilution steps
  • Easily regenerate sensor surfaces
  • Small sample volumes
  • No costly service contracts


  • Hands-on plug and play
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • No dedicated operator required
  • Pre-functionalized sensors
  • Quickly alter experimental conditions
  • Perform analysis easily at your bench-top


RT-Peak Analysis Software

Powerful software for fast, easy data acquisition and analysis

The LightPath S4 is equipped with LamdaGen’s RT-PEAK Acquisition and PEAK Analysis Software for real-time data acquisition and analysis, quality graphing capabilities and logical analysis templates. Data is available for customized analysis and model integration. The software enables fast data processing and integrates various fit models to generate association and dissociation constants, calibration curves to allow quantitation of unknowns, and much more.



Real Time, Label-Free Detection

Real-time, Label-free Detection

The Company’s LSPR LightPath system coupled with its PEAK software precisely tracks the speed and strength of bind between bio-molecules independent of labels.Highly specific and sensitive binding interaction are continuously monitored by measuring the wavelength shift change of reflected light from the patented LSPR biosensors in direct proportion to surface binding events. The System’s PEAK software tool captures all data while concurrently facilitating real time sensorgram development during an assay. The result is an efficient and easy to use powerful system for generating valuable data and kinetics relative to the characterization of label-free binding events.

Affordable Gold Standard Results

Affordable Gold Standard Results

The LightPath S4 offers highly desirable label-free capability and more. LamdaGen’s patented LSPR biosensors provide highly reproducible sensor-to-sensor and well-to-well sensitivity that meets or exceeds that of the industry’s historic gold standard SPR platform. The LightPath S4 is a user friendly, plug & play, instrumentally simple system that is highly affordable in both purchase and annual operational cost. And if you desire femto-molar sensitivity you can also run in parallel a Plasmonic ELISA™ assay on the same chip as your direct label free assay.

High Reproducibility

LamdaGen’s LSPR biosensors exhibit extraordinarily high reproducibility between individual sensors and also intra-sensor between individual sensor channels for both its P4 and P8 LSPR biosensors, due to the robustness of the Company’s proprietary manufacturing protocols. Outstanding reproducibility has also been demonstrated when the sensors are used with LamdaGen instruments due to their instrumental simplicity, proprietary optics, and precise software.

High Sensitivity

High Sensitivity

LamdaGen’s LSPR system is a powerful label-free solution for highly sensitive label-free molecular interaction analysis. The Company’s products provide rich information re: recognition, binding and dissociation in real time. This information includes precise data on specificity, affinity, kinetic behavior and sample concentration. The Company’s products are based upon the phenomenon of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) and produce highly sensitive, affordable data that is equivalent to that of the leading SPR technology. LightPath also provides user friendly systems integrating several throughput options. Further, when integrating LamdaGen’s LSPR proprietary Plasmonic ELISA™ system ultra-sensitivity into the femto-molar range becomes possible.

Crude Sample Compatibility

Crude Sample Compatibility

One of the fundamental differences between LSPR and SPR is the distance from the surface at which the respective plasmons can detect changes. While the penetration depth of the plasmon field for SPR is between 200-1000 nm, it is approximately 15-30 nm for LSPR. Hence, LSPR is far less susceptible to bulk effects occurring away from the surface. In other terms, LamdaGen’s LSPR detects changes very near the LSPR surface thereby allowing compatibility with complex or crude media.

LightPath S4 – Economical, Sensitive and
Easy to Use Label-free Detection System.

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