Plasmonic ELISA™

LamdaGen has harnessed discoveries of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) – the principles of which involve advanced physics, material science and light – and applied them to create a next generation of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD).

Central to the Company’s diagnostic technologies are its plug and play patented nano-structured metallic thin-film LSPR biosensors and 15 minute Plasmonic ELISA’s. Plasmonic ELISA is a quantitative assay technique that reproducibly reaches into low femtomolar levels of detection while retaining a broad dynamic range.

The patented Plasmonic platform is fast, highly sensitive and compatible with any existing biomarker including DNA and RNA. The precise diagnostic system lends itself well for uses in central laboratories, ERs and other clinical settings, as well as having application in companion diagnostics – including immuno-oncology diagnostics.

Given the Company’s flexible LSPR micron-sized “plug and play” sensors, Plasmonic ELISA is highly adaptable to many existing commercial diagnostic systems and their respective consumables, or easily integrated into advanced systems under development.

We are often asked, “Are LamdaGen’s powerful nano-based sensors adaptable for integration into 96-well plates that run on many standard central laboratory systems?”  The answer is YES.

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