Dual Acute COVID-19 Antigen and Flu A/B Point of Care Test in Development

There is general consensus that wide-spread rapid testing is the key solution to managing the Global COVID-19 pandemic and gradually restarting societies’ economic engines. Rapid antigen testing is needed to identify, treat, isolate or hospitalize infected people, and will help expedite time-sensitive contact tracing efforts which are important to reducing transmission.

The clinical presentation of COVID-19 is nonspecific as most people report flu-like symptoms at the onset of infection. Hence, a rapid immune-based test capable of diagnosing the acute phase of COVID-19 (non-PCR-based) coupled with a Flu A/B test on the same cartridge will be an ideal and highly scalable screen. LamdaGen is developing this dual target high-sensitivity rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen test for the acute phase of COVID-19 on the L’AuRa digital platform.

LamdaGen’s L’AuRa digital platform is a rapid immuno-based testing system focused on high-sensitivity detection of infectious disease. The point of care (POC) platform is capable of performing quantitative acute phase* antigen testing that can diagnose the COVID-19 infection at its earliest stages in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. The company’s plasmonic-based sensing technology provides results in nasal swabs, saliva, or whole blood, and is compatible with a diverse range of POC settings allowing evidence-based decisions in 15 minutes.

*The acute phase of infection includes the period when a patient is contagious but maybe not symptomatic. Acute detection relates to direct testing for the virus itself (by PRC), or proteins shed by infected cells (by immunoassays) – prior to the later serological phase when development of antibodies (IgMs and IgGs) are generated by the body’s immune response’

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